Daily 2X Boost Analyzing and that's all it does


The last two days nothing but the analyzing circle of death. More like agonizing circle of death. Prior to this it seems the conversion rate has been lower. I won’t be bothering with this anymore.


@Woxof38 you leaving sweatcoin mate


Oops not sweatcoin, just the Daily @X Boost. Have to start proof reading my stuff…lol


There are days that the x2 fail to work but over 95% of the time it is working for me


Mine hasn’t x2 for weeks


It been like that for a while. It really doesn’t give you the 2x they need to fix that


Mines been spinning all day lol. Also. I’ve noticed how I’ve no choice but to have the new version of the app now… @DaveUK also @khmelev I assume this is not a choice nomore.


I don’t like the new version. At all. I want the old version back. I can’t see how much I’ve done today properly. I have to
Keep a eye on the wallet to see how much I have gained… @khmelev


I tend to get the Spinning Circle of Death if my internet/mobile data isn’t working too well. I also try to let it do it’s thing, because if I fidget through the app it also tends to malfunction.

Otherwise deleting and reinstalling the App has always fixed it, although you may have to redo your 20 mins. I think I did that once or twice before I didn’t care anymore to go through all that effort lol Just make sure you can get back into your account!

And I also do not like the new version. Mostly because I can’t force push and I’m sitting on 49.96 SC and it’s bugging me…


Me too I did the boost and then I deleted the app and then put it back on and now my conversion is even worse than before ! I have now cancelled my troublemaker subscription so it doesn’t renew it’s all a bit too much hassle at this point.


Another day of non stop analyzing …