Daily 2x boost reset/dissapeared 18 minutes into run


Hey guys, today I thought I’d give the daily boost a proper go. I started my boots before running and my boost was cancelled 18 minutes into my run, it was pretty frustrating, I already collected over 3000 steps from it.

What’s going on? Can someone explain?


Hey @createataco, could you please explain what went wrong?

I can see that you started your boost at 12:39:42 and it should double your earnings from the next 20 minutes until exactly 12:59:42 (duration of the boost).
In total you’ve taken 2745 steps (which all has been converted) in about 30 minutes. Starting from 12:59:42 you took additional 898 steps out of 2745. So for the boost we count 1847, which gave you 1.75 additional bonus in sweatcoins on top of what you’ve earned from 2745 steps.

In total for 20 minutes you’ve earned 3.5 sweatcoins including Boost, and additional 898 steps has been converted to 0.85 sweatcoins.


Thanks for replying!

Sorry that was todays boost, I meant yesterday, the 7th of June. About 18:00 Europe time.

I started the boost just before I started running, I monitored it every now and then taking it out of my pocket to see my progress. Until around 18 minutes, there was no boost screen open and no sign that I’d even started the boost, instead there was the option to start the boost again. Since I still had a bit of time to walk back home I started it again and earned only 1.14 coins.

Also how come “trouble makers” dont earn +100% coins and instead earn +50% of what they would normally earn during a boost? I thought it was a bit misleading.


Do you remember exact time you started your boost at 7th? It will help us to figure out if there any issue. I can see one started at 18:24.

In regard Troublemaker, not sure why do you think it is misleading. Troublemaker advertised to double your earnings from your steps. Daily boost also double your earnings from your steps. In total for 20 minutes with Troublemaker and Daily boost activated you will earn x3.


Hey again, if the one you can see only resulted in 1.14 coins, the other should have started approx 20 minutes before that!

I expected having a boost on trouble maker would mean x4 coins, because trouble maker (x2) and boost (2x2).
I guess I’m just a little dissapointed that’s all, as to achieve the 5 coins we would get before in the daily exercise bonus, id basically have to be sprinting the whole time :smile:


Next time, if you notice similar misbehavior of the app, please note exact time and get back here, we will figure it out. Currently, it is hard to say if it was just UX issue or something else without knowing exact timing.

In regard Troublemaker, Boost and Exercise. It was different time, when people was not allowed to leave their houses and Exercise was meant to motivate people to stay at home and earn at least something. I personally went from 15k steps a day to almost none, it was hard time. Our goal, as a company, is make people more active, not press the button and do nothing, thats why Exercise was “Temporary” solution from the day 1 and it was advertised as temporary solution as well, but we decided to replace it with Daily Boost which is aligned with our goal pretty well. Just don’t compare these two, they are very different features with different goal in mind :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, I understand. If I see the issue again I’ll get back to you guys


I had the same trouble this morning. I started walking to work at exactly 0350 BST and when the 20 mins were up I could see it was ‘calculating’ my result.
Later I checked again and the daily boost had been reset and I’d lost the boost for about 2500 steps.


Just lost about 7,000 steps today during a phone call. From 19:51 central Europe time to approximately 21:30, if you guys want to look into that too. I want the app to do well.


I’ve had a similar problem with the boost several times. I’m new to this forum and glad I am not the only one experiencing this problem. I do normally check and then reset the Boost if I notice it has stopped/cancelled.


Hey! Multiple days I start the boost, see my first few steps have tracked then put my phone away. Get back home 40 mins later, it says analyzing… then resets without giving me the boost.

Could it be because no internet, or the length of time?

Love the app otherwise!


I have this exact problem today. Ran my first ever 5k and hit boost as the start of it. Google fit results (5k) vs. Boost results

(apparently 0 steps!?)