Daily 2x Boost update caused bad step conversion


Firstly I would like to just appreciate the Sweatcoin team, that although we’re encountering all these problems, you’re still responding. And offering specific responses/solutions to some of us specifically on this forum.

I was one of those whose steps have not been converting well (eg. 60 steps for a 2.4km run). This was the case til 11 May. There was an update and sweatcoin requested access to my iphone’s health data or smth along that line (I assume this is where iphone counts steps). And the conversion was just top notch. Kudos

Today, wanting to go for my run, I noticed the new update of a 2x booster, which is great cause my outdoor activity (2.4km run + cooldown) can last about 15/16mins or so before I return home #stayhomestaysafe . I was so excited. But then this happened (refer to picture)

Sweatcoin, I know you’re working. But just thought u should be informed about this as well (: looking forward to your response and swift action.

(I use an iphone SE, the original one not the new one. And I just uninstalled & reinstalled Sweatcoin. If there’s any luck tomorrow, I’ll update. Thanks.)


Hey @Haknah, I am sorry for that. First of all, could you please let me know your username, so I can take a look what is going on. Also, I have informed our team, they will investigate and I will get back with more info.


Hey there. My username is Haknah (yes, my sweatcoin username as well)


I experienced the same problem today. I went out for a short morning stroll and the daily 2x boost converted 696 of 4266 steps…


Hey @Haknah, at first glance it seems that your GPS was failing (from our end it looks like you just went underground and therefore we didn’t able to verify). Can I ask you to open the app so we can take a look at your logs? Thank you.


I don’t think that can be the case as Nike Run was able to track my distance as per normal.

Sorry, I don’t understand the request. What do you mean by open the app so you view my logs?


I am not claiming this, I just tell what I can see from our end :man_shrugging: Would be great if you can send a screenshot from Nike Run showing your track recorded correctly for this run, because distance can be derived just from step count.

The request is simple — just open our app while you have internet connected and keep it for 5-10 seconds open, thats it.


Here’s the image. Blurred out street names and area name for privacy purposes.

And I did as per requested for the sc app (:


Ok, apparently you’ve reinstalled the app and it means that all the information is lost :frowning:
Please, try the same tomorrow, and if it works similarly — get back here and we will investigate.


Im also having this issue. But it hadnt converted any of my steps since the 7th of may.


@khmelev - I’m having the same issue with steps not converting?? I’ve walked over 10,000 today but only about 1500 converted?? Can you help!?


Sorry didn’t run over the weekend. Anyways, here is today’s run