Daily Bonus (ads) Not Loading


So: whenever I click to watch an ad for the Daily Bonus, it just cycles through numbers. I click again and it has the loading sign . . . and never loads. The only way I can sometimes make it work is by restarting my phone, and that usually takes a few tries. I try switching from wifi to data and vice-versa; nothing. Anyone having a similar issue? (Or have a solution?)


Yes I have been experiencing this issue since the new update.

I found if you close swc app and reopen multiple times it will work


Same issue here! I’ve cleared my cache, force quit, and uninstalled/reinstalled. Sometimes it worked after that but it hasn’t for the last 3 days.

I’ll try the closing and reopening multiple times but wish there was a more permanent, less tedious, solution.


Yeah same issue here. It may work once in a day, but I’ve gone two weeks with one or no daily bonuses. Restarting doesn’t help me.


Tech support got back to me on this and said they’re aware of the issue and working on it, so here’s to hoping?


It miraculously worked for me today!


Same! All three in succession. I get the vibe that maybe they’ve already fixed a couple of bugs, although the app still only runs well if there aren’t any other apps open.


I have same issue daily bonus doesn’t work. It keeps spinning.


Same here!


My daily bonus isn’t working correctly , can you fix it for me please.