Daily Bonus Feature Update


Just saw new Sweatcoin update on daily bonus feature that goes to 1k.
Does anyone of you has got 1k randomly by luck?
Btw amazing work “Sweatcoin” …


Not yet … I’ve got just 0,9/0,6/0,9 maybe tomorrow :crossed_fingers:t2:


Just saw that and came here to check.
I got 0.8 hahha


It used to be the minimum was 0.5 now they have sneakled in 0 and 0.1 and 0.2 etc I was shocked when I went for the bonus yesterday and it said unlucky 0. what kind of bonus is that:)


My most was $7 other day since the change


Hi! The chance to get 0 has been there for a long time, we had to change it to follow some obscure rules :stuck_out_tongue:

However we’ve now added the chance to get up to 1K sweatcoins - so keep trying and maybe you’ll get lucky on it :wink:


Hi. I was wondering if the odds are the same for all of the number possibilities. Is it possible to get any number between 0 and 1000? Thank you.


I totally forgot to message you guys I was having a tuff time. I did the sweatcoin daily spin and I got…

Btw this was 3 days ago


Amazing Polarbear, i had a Total of 9 today and i was happy as hell.

I hope much luck Tomorrow on my birthday.

I like your name btw, i did the Polarbear route this monday. Its the name of An army Division that freed my town in WW 2.


Greeting to everyone. I am a new user and just enjoying the Sweatcoin so much.I have issues with Daily bonus today, it starts to work and would not complete, keep working until I will just exit the application. Similar staff happened in past as well.


Oh ok thx for liking my name :grinning: Btw where is that route I wanna know it.


It make alot of Spence can’t win everything.


In Belgium. Rijkevorsel, Beerse, Merksplas (Antwerp province) it is British army that had their training in Iceland, therefore the polar bears.


oh ok good to know :+1:


I got 1k once. About 6 months ago.


Decent. Most I got is 50


Every time same . Low. Lowest. Bad Luck.


Mate … I know someone who got 1K twice. Lucky
Guy lol.



Today I got a 10! As well as 0.9 & 1. 11.9 in total.