Daily Bonus Feature Update


I think they may force you to
Use it…?


I think across users with standard iOS devices, the update was forced (or at least if not forcing an actual app update, removing the option to revert to to older version at the serverside :man_shrugging:t3:).


That’s sweatcoin’s second biggest flaw to date


Today’s daily bonus


You guys walk a lot :hushed: compared to me.


Bu kadar peşpeşe kötü sonuçlar ?
Yani 1SC çıkınca seviniyorum.
Yazık o kadar reklam izleyerek giden zamana. Harcanan internet kotasına ( Türkiye de internet çok pahalı. Mobil internet aşırı pahalı)



0 SC


Hi every one can i use bouns times just once


Did you mean the Boost Bonus 20mins time? If so, sorry… there’s only Boost Bonus per day.


Today new update



Told you… lol. @b150m still has the £1000 PayPal. But that will change when he next updates.





No updates for me but the 1k still stays lol


Yahooooo! Congratulations :tada:

Finally, you got a draw that doesn’t actually suck :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Türkçe bir deyim
Sabırla sıçarsan taşı bile delersin

" if you shit patiently it will pierce the stone "

I"m lucky yesterday. Today 0.2 + 0.4 + 2SC


Not bad today


No comment

7 + 1 + 0.61 SC


0.61?!? What’s a somewhat random figure. I’ve only just realised that it shows the daily bonus earnings for the week on the bottom of the payslip.


It’s catching!!!


0.61 again 0.6SC

ve dilencilik yapanlar para isteyenler çoğaldı.


and those who beg and ask for money increased

Give me 1SC
Give me 5SC
Give me 10SC etc etc