Daily Bonus Feature Update


I got. 0.1,2,7. Can’t grumble

Never ever had above a 50 though be pretty cool to
Get a 1K


You lucky mate, i have 19000 sweatcoins but no beggars
Looking for some at bicboicdxx


a different point of view, they don’t actually see how many SCs I have in total but for some reason they beg. They spend 0.01SC and send messages and ask for 1, 5, 10, 50 etc etc SC. Just in case he keeps it and sends it back. Some of them send strange messages and I have to reply to them. I even said to somebody, go and win SC, they told me I have SO MUCH SW: P mocked me, like a joke


Can you please send me 1000 SC, or send me how many SCs out of your heart please please.

The SCs you send will be the money I earned unfairly, without walking, but I beg,

let’s see I started a campaign, maybe I’ll pass tens of thousands too


let’s hands on your wallets


Hahahahahahaa. I got asked for coins as a social experiment. Laughed.


yep social experiament :stuck_out_tongue:

give me 20.000 ore 50.000 SC.
collect please and send me.

note : Joke


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: i love this style


Lmao mate i see how you follow 12000 people
Of course the second thing they would do is check your profile out


BAD luck 0 SC


Actually, I’ve gotten 9 sweatcoins for just one roll for watching an ad.


Yeah, that was awful, especially with the removal of the Force Check Sweatcoins.


I got a 10$ one just 1 time


Bad luck ???



As a rare treat, I finally got a fairly good draw today.:sunglasses::+1:t4:


The 10swc bonus had all but become a mythical draw until now :rofl: