Daily Bonus TOOK OFF coins from me?


I had 2,950.00 sweat coins yesterday when I went to sleep.
Today I woke up, went to get my daily bonus and it was unusual that I didn’t have to watch an ad, it was given to me automatically. 0.9.
I checked my wallet and now I have 2,949.90??

How come I didn’t get my 0.9 bonus and instead I was robbed 0.1???


Hi! That’s odd. Could you send your username so I can take a look at it and find any bugs that may have slipped through?


Hi! My username is SarahBH19

It’s really weird, never happened before. And I’m 100% sure I had exactly 2,950.00 yesterday night.


Hi! I can see that early this morning you entered a prize draw, which cost 1 Sweatcoin. That would put you down to 2,949 Sweatcoins, so the 0.9 was added correctly.


I thought that was the problem too, but the contest said it was free. It’s even listed as FREE in my daily history.