Daily boost is online


Yes, it’s online. I really like this new feature.

Daily Boost?! :O

Glad you like it! :smiley:


I didn’t get even 5coins I didn’t do any walking but neither did you so how come you stil got coins


@Ashton Is this normal that I get 1.8 coins when I walk 1.8 k steps with activated 2x bonus? It wouldn’t make sense because you get 5 coins without walking with activated bonus.


Lol it appeared in my app this afternoon and completed showing a total +10.00. It was a bit confusing because I hadn’t even seen it until this point and certainly not started the counter. Sadly, the next time I opened the app it was back down to +5.00 :rofl:


@Moritz738 this is bonus on top of your earning from steps, so in total you earned x2 from what you would typically earn. And this bonus reflected in your wallet as a bonus.

@Kyle93 @Phatt.One 5 & 10 — is a migration bug from previous feature. It just reflects what you earned from previous version of this feature. Next day it will start working correctly.


I earned 1.17coins for 1600 steps…

Am I meant to get 5coins standard daily allowance and the additional bonus on top?


Daily Boost has replaced Daily Exercise feature completely. Daily Boost doubles your earning from your steps. So, if you earned 1.17 from your steps you will get +1.17 as a bonus.

Daily Exercises was temporary measure to support people who have to stay at home, but it contradicts our core values and beliefs. And we’ve been transparent about that showing a countdown and communicating updates. Now, we are seeing that countries started to lift lockdowns and people started to walk a lot. We want to motivate people to walk and therefore giving a 5.00 bonus for pressing a button at home with no steps doesn’t make sense for us any longer.

Daily Boost on the other side, has scientific basis and therefore we believe in it and would like to make it one of the core functionality in the app. This is first version which is a bit messy, but we are working hard to understand what is unclear to our users and make it event better. All in all, we always wanted to recognize reward effort (physical activity) which particular person made.


Ok mate thanks for the explanation


:rofl: I’d figured it was something to do with the switchover, I just found it amusing.


:checkered_flag: I have completed my Daily Boost and earned 0.36 extra sweatcoins @sweatcoin #SweatcoinDailyBoost


I bought the trouble maker membership and therefore the boost only gives me +1.5x coins I thought I’d be getting double the coins I get as trouble maker. It’s quite misleading and I’m getting much less coins than the daily exercises.
It’s not encouraging me to go out any more than I would normally otherwise. Please fix this guys!


What a splendid way to give back to the community and increase motivation!


The daily boost doubles the regular coins you would earn from the 20 minute session. You will already get double coins as you are a troublemaker member. So, in reality technically you get 3x the regular amount of coins you would for this period. If they doubled the troublemaker earning for the boost you would actually be getting 4x times the amount. Were you anticipating you would get a compound bonus by doubling what is already doubled?