Daily Boost?! :O


i see sweatcoin again teasing a new update upcoming in a little weeks time, anyone know what the upcomming Daily boost feature is all about? :thinking:


I have no idea, but I’m really excited to. I guess it will be something really cool.


Great news. Excited to see what it is.


I can imagine that the daily boost is something that you can activate for around an hour and in this time your steps are getting multiplied with a factor of 3.0


It’s a good shout, I think it will be some decent though.


:wink: let’s find out soon


For those of you who are interested in Daily Boost. It took us a bit longer than we anticipated, we are submitting build to Apple today, and hopefully tomorrow it will get approved, and also our QA team will hopefully finish with testing as well by tomorrow. On Android we are going to release it simultaneously with iPhone :crossed_fingers:


So tomorrow it will be active? Or sometime this week you say?


Wonder what it is daily
Boost? How
Many can we earn a day


Sorry guys, we’ve got few rejections from Apple and Google. Apple has been sorted and update has been pushed just now. With Android we are still trying to figure out the cause, once approved it will be pushed as well :pray:


So what does this mean mate?



Yeah I got it now. Pretty cool :sunglasses:


Love it! It’s very good.


What’s most you got from it. strong text


@Kyle93 1,000 coins :sunglasses:


Mines 7 coins. Now the £1000 is gone I’m thinking of deleting the app.


Can’t believe they’ve done this. @Ashton @Phatt.One @Oleg @Emma

This was always staying apparently what happened!


Not now mate (nescessary text)