Daily Boost Stuck on Analyzing


Hi everyone,
I am experiencing some problems with the daily boost function. It was working fine for the last couple of weeks but started to act up a few days ago. When I go to the daily 2x boost, it is now stuck an analyzing screen with a constant analyzing circle. I’ve left the app on for 10 mins and nothing changes, it still says it’s analyzing… Anyone else having the same problem?


Ditto everything you just said. Even uninstalled and redid, i got 1 boost after that and problem is back.


Ironically, i have that issue too. I hope that one of the Sweatcoin guys will respond soon


We are investigating this issue. Hope it is going to be fixed with next release.

What is the best x2 daily step bonus you can get within 20 min

I’ve had the same issue but found closing the app & reopening sorts it out. But I’ve had to do it a couple of times recently.


It is sorted on iOS, fix is spreading. If you want to ensure you’ve got this fix, just open the app for 5-10 seconds with stable internet connection and then hide it, fix will be applied and on next open issue will be sorted.

On Android we will prepare and push fix today as well within few hours.


Thanks for the update.
I guess it’s ever evolving but your work to iron out these issues is always appreciated!
Keep up the hard work & stay safe! :+1::+1:


Mine never got stuck until I updated today. Now it is stuck analyzing. Any suggestions? Forced quit. Restarted iPhone. Nothing worked


I have it Everyday.

Need to remove the app from phone and download again then IT work.


It’s been a few days, has any progress been made on this issue? It’s a bit frustrating to know I’m missing out on so many bonuses. Most of the time I can only get the first bonus to go through, but only after excessive phone and app restarting. I’d like to know if there have been any breakthroughs or if anyone else has figured out more consistent quick fixes.


Hey guys, even thought we’ve fixed this stuck issue, I see an increasing amount of reports that Boost is stuck on analyzing lately. @Hastekke @Jbeidler2 @Niels87 could you guys please tell me your username in the app and provide screenshots how do you see it “stuck”. Thank you in advance.


Since today my phone has been stuck on “Analyzing” for both the bonus & normal step conversion.
It is still counting new steps but I can’t convert any of them.
I have re-installed the app (to V35.0 (1130)) & rebooted the phone several times, still the same.
I have an Honor/Huawei 10 View running Android 10.
I have also gone through all the recommendations for changing settings (eg battery optimisation etc), but no change. Nothing else has changed on my phone since yesterday.
It’s very frustrating spending so much time on this app which seems to suffer problems on a frequent basis.
Any advice or fix to this latest bug?