Daily prize draw


I was just curious if there are some people here who’ve actually won something with the prize draw (or know someone). Does anybody know how big the chance is that you win? And how many people are able to win each day? Personally I think the whole prize draw is a little vague, but that can be just me.:joy:
Maybe a daily public announcement of the winners on the app would give a little bit more interest for others to participate.


Where do you see that? I still haven’t got the new update :sob:


Wait are you sure you’re talking about Sweatcoin ?!


Yes, of course. I saw it was announced on social networks as one of 5 new features, but I didn’t get any of them yet. I have iPhone XS Max running with the latest iOS.


@Munzer @i.am.luka.f.me yes I’m talking about Sweatcoin haha, but it’s weird that you guys don’t have the update yet…


What daily prize draw? Is this only in certain countries / on certain phones?


I really don’t know why Sweatcoin gives their users different features in different countries. I heard people on this forum about Sweatcoin Leagues or something. I don’t have that feature and never heard of it till this week.:joy:


Never seen leaderboards. Never seen empires. Probably won’t ever see TM because it’s taking too bloody long… breaker and every other level is fine I don’t understand why TM is taking years to roll out.