Dear sweatcoin developers


Hello sweatcoin team just like to say I enjoy you’re app and what it strives to do.

I am a big fan of the app who is fully committed to the app for the long term future.

However although the app in my eyes is amazing at what it does there are many issues with unfortunately some that are leaving the community feeling under appreciated and I would like to write a post about some of the issues to the best of my ability for you the sweatcoin team!

Also to the community feel free to get behind this post and support it and also let me know on or if you have any issues with sweatcoin so without further delay let’s begin

Just before we do start I am in now way trying to slate or give the team a bad rep I absolutely love what they are and have been doing with the app and I’m very happy for them to keep doing what they do however some things need to improve and that’s what this post will be about.


Blockchain a topic I’ve seen pop up again and again over the last few months both on the forums and in the discord server. I’m not saying your the team should rush to develop the blockchain element (if you even are developing it at all that is). What I would like to see the team behind sweatcoin do as well as thousands of users is just a little announcement from the team about the development of blockchain. Doesn’t have to be big just a update on how you’re progress is going. Be honest if you haven’t started don’t worry just let the community know what’s going on as it’s been so long since it was last mentioned, a small post regarding the topic would be greatly appreciated not just by myself but thousands of passionate users who use sweatcoin as part of their daily lives.


I’ve noticed apart from the occasional announcement the dev team has been pretty quiet. Although we have seen a couple active their are a few who aint and we haven’t heard from them in a very long time I’m not saying devs/team should go out of their way to be active on the forums or any chosen place but maybe a weekly or monthly post here on the forums just to see how the teams been getting on future developments and so on would also be very appreciated.


I Love the forums it’s a place where all sweatcoin users can easily discuss and have fun on and it’s very simple to use however it’s been out for a while now and unfortunately it feels a bit empty I feel a small update could fix this and maybe promote the forums a bit more maybe using the sweatcoin app to promote the forums as i am a very active user here and unfortunately not Amy other people are.

and that’s all my ideas I feel if sweatcoin just do little things to show that they are around and listening to the community would be very helpful as lately I haven’t seen much activity and many users have also voiced their frustration however I love what sweatcoin is doing with the app and they should keep it up. Thank you sweatcoin :grinning:

Thank you community and maybe devs for reading this post feel free to leave your thoughts below. Have a great day :smiley:


Yes, thank you to all of them and the community. I’m one of those frustrated users. I keep using the app in hope of the rewards, so my dream was fulfilled when the market was launched!
Now that I hear ir could be a currency I will keep the app installed and see how that develops in the future.

No further motivation regarding the purpose of the app, to stay fit and work out outside.
I can’t even work today cause I had an accident, I mention this because I registered more than 10k steps yesterday, but I hardly made it to the 5 scoins in the conversion, and like I said before I moved to Vietnam and for over a week I was getting the 5 scoins within and hour or within 90 mins AT MOST (according to my own perception).
After like 10 days I started noticing the more I walked the more steps I needed to record in order to get at least the daily 5 scoins I am able to convert daily.
So imagine my frustration when yesterday I had more than 5k steps an still very far from achieving the goal.

Also no one has mentioned anything at all my other concern, wich is that the people I invite isn’t able to download the app because the app itself is not available for downloading


I got a response from Ashton about my invitations, but it still doesn’t address my question.
The answer was that the app is available in the US, for United States (of America) right?, it is the country where I was inviting my friends and the same where they couldn’t download the app.