Did anyone receive the £1000 marathon offer?


Hi , as it’s now ended I was wondering if anyone had actually received the £1000 ?


Yes I claimed it a few years back now.


Seen this question so many times… on the forum, DMs on Discord, Instagram and Twitter. Even messages in the app. Always managed to keep your username out of it :rofl:


What you spend it on lad.


I just had my son so it just went on nappies and stuff it really helped me out when I was struggling


I got the iPhone as well :ok_hand: u can say if u want lol


Was just being a good boy and respecting your privacy :innocent:


A few years ago - the app has only been around 3/4 and until recently 30 a day was maximum or 600 a month ie 7200 a year plus bonuses which were on a 1,2 and 4 every 3 days.

So are you saying you managed 40,000 coins in 4 years?


Just wondering as I was aiming for it but they have stopped doing it when I am on 16,000 coins . Going to have to buy something else now ! :roll_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:


I joined Sweatcoin on 9th may 2016, sweat coin was very different back then you got rewarded a lot more for inviting users so if you had a good following on Facebook etc you could rack them quick :wink:


Nice work Cookie - well done. I would image in the early days they ran at a loss as do many new enterprises but was needed to tempt people into something that looks very different reward and profit wise 4 years later.


How long you had the app for.


Interesting that only cookie responded to that question. Anyone else?


The bigger rewards were never really there or were very, very limited but a great way to get people to download the app!


Cookie was the only one I believe. Would be
Nice to see proof however. Probably some time ago now


There are loads of other users that have redeemed marathon offers over the years, but i’m not sure they are on the forum to answer.


Have you not got statistics on how
Prizes and what prizes have been claimed


I might be one of the last few to claim the marathon reward.
Submitted my claim on the 4th Nov 2020 (joined SWC on 5th Dec 2018)
Received my cash payout in my bank on 5th Dec 2020


@Eamtan there is no need to keep grave digging old posts. We get it. You won a marathon award. We all know this… don’t need to tell everyone 5 times a day on 5 different threads.


Point noted and thanks for your feedback.
Guess I got too carried away for winning it.
Was trying to find ways to make some positive contribution back to this forum and to the app since I have collected something from them.

Not to worry though, as I do not think I will be staying here long once I get over the effect of my winning. It might be better to spend my time elsewhere as I find this forum pretty negative on a whole and it is draining off my positive energy too … LOL