Did not follow through with purchase. I want my sweat coins put back into my account


I want my sweat coins put back into my account. I did not follow through with the purchase. I did not like the product. It was for aluminum free deodorant. Sweat coins was 249.99. Please put the coins back in my account
Thank You
Nancy Montez
[email protected]


Do you know if the app pays you??? Am new and am confused


What do you mean with the word ‘‘pay‘‘?


I had the same thing happen to me I went to purchase the bullet earbuds and didn’t follow through with my purchase because of the shipping fees but it still took my sweatcoins out of my account how do I get them back


Did you eventually get your coins bsck?


Contact [email protected]


Hello! I am the new one here and need help! Wanted to purchase a boom buds today, but when i click on the button copy code and continue it leads me on the nutribullet ip address. What should i do?