Different offers for the influencers Marketplace?


Im looking at the general marketplace and the offers look very mediocre. I heard there was an influencer marketplace with better offers. Is this true?


This is true. I’ve seen the influencer market place. 30 invited people gets you access. I’m currently on 17 lol.


And influencers market is using invites as a currency


I have just the one. When I ask people they look at me as if to say don’t be such a tit. Ah well they are probably right :smile::smile:


Don’t think I even know 30 people!


You kind of know us now Seaside but won’t help your download numbers.


I was stuck at 18 for a long long time when one can cash out something at 20 invited friends. Recently I got a few $5 influencers reward after I win the marathon rewards and boast about it on FB and some other media. Lost count on the total invite. Can Apple HP user know how many have they invited from their app ?



Yup… when selecting “invite” this screen pops up


Apple user are a blessed lot !


Why you only get 185


I invite 104 but only got 485


Influencer commission? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Still nice to see people enjoying the app though


It looks like poor maths to me. The earned figure should be five times the invite figure. Because you get five sweat coins per invite accepted.


Should be 520 no? 104x5?


Yeah phatt have the same problem, check his image


They probably remove it if the new people leave too early? That’s just unfair


Dealer always wins … lol.


Referring to this, i do have the marathon offers because i am an influencer


Why are you posting on a lot of old old threads? You trying to get a badge


What badge should i get for this