Disappointed again


So I just went on a quick 20min run using the daily Boost feature and the Sweatcoin app calculated nearly 5,000 steps, but it froze and shut down right after the 20min…when I opened the app back up and checked, it only calculated 257 steps, only giving 0.48 SC…what the heck??? This app has been freezing up on me frequently, but this is the second time I’ve traveled a “significant” distance and it hasn’t been calculated. If this keeps happening, I’m just going to go with another app, because it’s basically false advertisement if it doesn’t fulfill what it says it will, and that’s so unfortunate :pensive:


Are you sure your figures are correct here?

That’s a very fast pace even for an olympic level 200 meter sprint. It calculates to an average cadence of around 250 steps per minute.

To put it into perspective, Usain Bolt hit a cadence of 257 when breaking the record for the mens 100m sprint and being named the fastest man alive and that was only for a 10 second stretch.


They’re not my figures, they’re the app’s. When I started my 20min run, I was at a little over 1,000 steps…when I finished at 20min, the app calculated nearly 5,000 steps. Unless the app doesn’t calculate running/jogging, I should have more than 0.48 SC from my Boost. I walk it nearly every day (20min boost) and do over 2,000 steps, yielding anywhere from 2.23SC TO 2.43SC.

Maybe the app doesn’t calculate running steps anymore, I don’t know. In the winter, I ran nearly every morning and had no problems. I don’t know.


Lol that makes more sense, I was trying yo get my head around it🤣
Doubling the steps must have something to do with be the way it goes about calculating it or something.
I remember when the new algorithm was first introduced, I used to have a few issues when I started upping the pace a little more from brisk walking to jogging and then running. The system would seem to randomly reject sessions of 3-5k steps and often above. In my case, the steps must have been considered as a shake because of deep pockets and baggy shorts or something that had the mobile bouncing around in too much of an erratic fashion. I Finally resolved the problem by changing the way I carried the phone to keep then phone closer to my body so that it moved as I did and restricted the amount of additional bouncing around. Obviously, I can’t say this is the specific resolution to your issue but I can go for miles and miles with very few losses. For example, as I look at my mobile now I’m looking at just over 52k steps and just under 49k verified. Today I can probably justify the losses as being through a bit of stopping and starting as I have been working whilst trekking on the treadmill for the past 20k steps. After lunch, I can hazard a guess that I will probably have reasonable conversion until later on when the muscles start to tire a bit more. There have been occasions where I’ve only lost 2-3k steps out of over 100k steps. On the flipside, there have also been days where Out of 50k steps, I have seen 15-20k get rejected. Although, I must admit this hasn’t happened for a good few months now.


Wow - thank you for this!! I hadn’t considered clothing as a factor, but it makes perfect sense to me!! I was wearing longer shorts the day of this loss, and remember thinking to myself, “these are NOT conducive for running with my phone in my pocket”, but didn’t think anything of it. Maybe it has nothing to do with it, but I think you’re 100% correct!! I was so frustrated the day I posted it, and it totally came through on my post, which makes me sad, because I’m usually more calm and centered than what the initial post reflected - I just knew I was going to max out my boost section that day, and to discover I didn’t was a hit for me…thankfully, I’m not one to hold on to negative emotions long, so within a few hours, I was over it - I was just left with confusion, and I don’t like to be confused, lol!! Your feedback makes everything seem to come together, so again, thank you for taking the time out to provide it!! I’m going to test the theory out the next time I take a jog…wear more form-fitted shorts, and see how it plays out!!


It may not be the answer but it is certainly a factor to take into consideration. I did use one of those flipbelts but eventually the waistband elastic stretches with the weight of a powerbank and all the crap I seem to load up with. Although in my defence, I don’t seem to go for a short or quick run these days.

I have spotted the shorts below which I’m considering giving a go. I’m just Wondering if the internal pocket is actually big enough to hold the iPhoneXS Max.


I can understand the frustrations. Nothing more annoying than going out for a run, building up a good 5-10k only to see a couple of verified steps for your efforts. To be honest, I have every faith in the Sweatcoin tech team. Over the past three years I’ve seen so much change and positive developments and it has all been to improve the user experience and drive motivation. I know I am lucky and some people have had many more issues than I have. I admit that although there are the odd pants days, I have also had a lot of days with insanely good conversion.

I guess that although it can be easy to get tangled up in frustrations but try not to forget the most important thing to remember above all else is to get out there and just enjoy the run. After all, that’s the reason we do it to start with, the Sweatcoin factor just adds a little more motivation into the equation.

On checking my mobile, it looks like today may prove to be one of the extremely good days.


Now I’m actually now a bit miffed that it’s just passed 9am here and I must get on and start the days work.

It would be great to know how you got on and if it has made any improvements for you. Hopefully, things will start to look more positive :sunglasses::+1:t4:


I tried it, and 250 steps per minute while running is possible. It’s the awful App that’s not working for what seems like the majority of folks on here, that’s the issue. Feel lucky yours is working OK, because it ain’t for loads of us


I didn’t say it wasn’t possible. Only that I would imagine it unlikely somebody would retain the pace for a complete 20 minutes. I’m the last person to tell anybody whether something is or isn’t possible, I get enough of that kind of thing directed my way :rofl:

It would seem I have been very lucky because although I have had issues and conversion, most of them I can usually justify by weaknesses in my own form. I don’t think it was actually intended that way but in some cases it has actually led to an improvement in my own performance. Granted, there have been occasions where I haven’t had a clue but in general, I had a great deal of success with the Sweatcoin app.

I wish I could say I was doing anything unusual or special but as fair as I am aware there are no special tricks to it. I installed the same app as everybody else and Even carrying my phone as normal. To try and help other users resolve their problems, I have tried to recreate some of the issues myself but On most occasions I can’t recreate the problems.