Discord or reddit?


A person here mentioned that using Reddit for an official platform would be more accesible for others to find , and i agree completely , Reddit already works as forum bc of the thread system and many moderators and admins, and there are many others that are already there, there is also a sweatcoin sub already there and it has more members than this one so you just have to differentiate yourself from it with the official title , i believe if you make an official sub there you will Double your members in no time! And will reach out to more people for feedback! Another idea could be Discord if you want it to be more private

What do you think?


Hey! It’s a cool idea - but as you said there’s already multiple unofficial subreddits / discord servers.
In fact, we have an account in the r/sweatcoin reddit which we’re hoping to use more actively soon!


There are only two, the one that is unofficial and it’s very inactive, and one that was used for a giveaway that is over now (swearcoinlegacy)


I looked at reddit r/sweatcoin group.there is a lot of questions and answers. Even a page for buying and sell between users. Also I saw alot of sweatcoins will not pay you at all. I definitely, if it was me just keep them.