Do I Get Sweatcoins For Indoor Steps?


So I noticed that I don’t get Sweatcoins for indoor steps. Is my app not working? Or does it just not convert to Sweatcoins? I’m fine either way, just curious to know😄


I was getting points from indoor and outdoor steps 12 hours ago. Now none of my steps are counted–regardless, indoor or outdoor steps. I was going up and down the staircase inside my house. I don’t know… I have my GPS on high accuracy and I have my location on. Did I do something wrong OR what happened?

EDIT: I restarted my phone and my steps are counted again.


In the app under “What´s New” i see only: “New Colours”… nothing mentioned about indoor step conversion or anything else (Android Version 19).


Hi @Bryton_Dorsey @Hex @Gregman I have noticed that a lot of Android users are having problems with sweatcoins converting. I suggest if there is a way to undo the update do so until further changes are made but a couple days ago I received an email updating me on the new update where indoor steps are counted.


Hi @TitaniumGaming, thanks for sharing that information. Don´t know why this isn´t shared in the Sweatcoin forum. That is what i would have expected… but may be that´s too much :wink: . So thanks again for the update news.


That’s the problem😂 I’m an apple user


No problem it was my pleasure helping you


Hi ، Actually i am using IOS phone ( apple ) , but like others my indoor’s steps is not converting and i hope the problem will solve , :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Azadeh I have a couple questions about your device. What iPhone do you have? When was the last time you updated the sweatcoin app?


Hi , I am sorry i am a little late to answer , so busy these days !
I using iphone 6s , and i think the app us updated recently , because the face is changed , :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh ! Just forgot even today part of my outdoor steps was not accepted by app , by the just want to tell you , thanks again


@Azadeh about how many steps get converted.


It lost near 2000 , or sometimes nearAll !


Yes on the new update


I’m not sure if the problem I’m experiencing is non-conversion off indoor steps, or if my issue is that the app isn’t picking up on my steps from my Apple Watch Series 2. But, for the last few days my steps aren’t being picked up unless my iPhone is physically on my person. My family’s New Year resolution is to leave our devices in a fixed place and only check/use them in this space as much as possible (to become more mindful of the time spent on our devices). Yesterday I walked a TON - I actually broke my personal record. But I noted that the only steps that were recorded were when my phone was actually on my person.

iPhone 7 running iOS 13.3
Apple Watch Series 2 running 6.1.1
Sweatcoin installed and open on both watch and phone
Sweatcoin enabled in Apple Health app
Cellular data on, Sweatcoin enabled
Almost constant WiFi connection

Any suggestions? I want to earn as many Sweatcoins as possible, but love the idea of not having my phone on me at all times :(.


Although the update should allow indoor steps to be converted when using iphone 7 or above, it isn’t the case for your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch devices (Gen2 and above) are still reliant on the original ‘outdoor only’ algorithm and so will not count your indoor steps. However all is not lost :smiley: It has been suggested that the Sweatcoin tech team are planning give the Apple Watch app a reworking as well as possibly expanding support for other wearables.
I know a few people, including myself have experienced random dropping out of the Apple Watch app and in some cases the app won’t even open. For me, the solution was to remove the app using the watch app, make sure my phone was running the latest Sweatcoin app version, re-add the Sweatcoin app using the Watch app. Although it worked for me, it doesn’t guarantee a fix for all.

Please note that I don’t work for Sweatcoin and any opinions expressed are purely my own opinions based on my own findings and experiences.