Do I have to carry my iPhone and Apple Watch to record steps?


So I don’t take my iPhone with me on my walks since I have my Apple Watch 4. My watch records everything without issue, however sweatcoin is not tracking it all. So am I supposed to take my phone as well?


I’m not sure if there was a solution, but I think that same issue is discussed here:

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, hopefully there’s something useful in there :grimacing: I don’t have an Apple Watch, so that’s about the extent of my usefulness in that regard.


They should be no need to take both your phone and your watch. Are you by any chance trying to record the exercise in another application on the watch? For examples Strava or even the Apple Workout app…
Recording multiple GPS workouts simultaneously is not supported by the Apple Watch. It’s a bit annoying if you like to track and publish to Strava or similar.
It is worth noting that the records from the Sweatcoin app for AW do update your Apple Activity exercise data but Sweatcoin does not allow the GPS location information to be accessed for mapping exercise routes.

I hope this all makes sense to you. If not, let me know​:sunglasses::+1:t4: