DO NOT alter your phone's date or time!


I’ve been recently having a very tough time with Sweatcoin. None of my steps were converted to SWCs for 15 consecutive days. I walked about 200,000 steps, which would generate an average of 150 SWCs, but received zero coins instead. I tried all possible solutions but none was useful, and got to the conclusion that it’s about my account, not my phone, after testing my account on other phones and testing other accounts on my phone.

Finally, @Oleg contacted me after I posted about my issue and he figured out the origin of the problem, and now it’s the 3rd day after my steps started generating SWCs again, with a conversion rate of about 70%. I can’t thank him more!

In any case, what was causing all the trouble is something I did with my phone, and affected my account directly. Just before the problem started, I was changing the date and time of my phone every now and then for 2 days in a row. I was doing that to test its effect on another app. I was changing for both past and future dates, with my phone connected and disconnected from the internet. One day later, my Sweatcoin problem started. With the help of @Oleg , I figured out that doing this will mess out the data associated with your account, and the algorithm will be totally confused.

As far as I understand, the app is continuously checking your activity and mapping it to your phone’s date, so when you change the date to future it will be stored in Sweatcoin database as something you did during the “fake date”, and when that date really comes your account will be faced with 2 different activities done at the same time, and the algorithm will convert nothing. My analysis could be not accurate, but the certain thing is that changing your phone’s date, especially to future, will ruin your Sweatcoin conversion rate, making it zero maybe.

Sorry for making this very long! But those 15 days have been a nightmare for me, and I just don’t want anybody to experience that frustration. Happy walking everybody! :walking_man:

Steps not recorded
Conversion problems
I LOVE the app. I don't wanna delete it for such an issue

Nice to know that you got sorted mate, This could be the potential resolution for a number of users who have experienced this problem. Thanks for taking the time to write a post with such a concise and clear explanation :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Sorry that it took so long @Munzer but it was not a very simple case to track and identify. We have a massive set of checks and anomaly detection routines that are there to protect the users from fraud. If you see or hear anyone having similar issues @Phatt.One or @Ashton please do check with them if they had to change their dates recently and if yes, please flag to @Emma.
Have a great weekend you all!


@Oleg @Emma I’m having the same issue, I changed the date and time on my iPhone the day I installed the app and basically have never had steps converted to stepcoins yet.
How can I solve this?



Hey @Rosecat. Please DM us your username. May I ask what was the use case for shifting date and time around? Oleg


@Oleg my username is rosecat
I was playing with lives on a game app :sweat_smile: