Does trip to disneyland only offer return flights?


Hello. i’m thinking about marathon offers and was wondering if Trip to disneyland offer only offers return flights?


You also have to document the whole trip via video
For sweatcoin to use.


I know that. I just wanna know if they offer only one way flight or both ways, to go to disneyland and to come from disneyland to home


It should be return flight.


Yeah 100% sure it is a return flight.


Does anyone even know if, when or how Disneyland will reopen?

Not that I have the Bucket List offers anymore. Or any great desire to visit Disneyland… plus, I’m a lil long in the tooth for Disney parks :rofl:


You don’t have the Bucket List offers anymore? How come?


Not got the foggiest idea. I’m more interested in the exercise motivation and health benefits rather than actually earning to claim offers. Although I used to have the Bucket list offers showing, I’m not actually bothered about not being able to claim the offers. It’s just handy to know what sort of things are being put out there as incentive for Sweatcoin users and to be in a position to possibly offer help to others with queries about these things.


Personally, I don’t think Disney will
Any time


I duno, I’ve actually done quite a bit of work supporting the technologies installed in the newer Disney Imagination Stores up and down the UK and after a little insight into the ‘It’s not possible, so make it happen’ approach to a fair few elements, I actually have quite a lot of faith in the magic of Disney when it comes down to finding solutions and workarounds or finding those that can create the solutions and workarounds for most things. Especially when not finding a resolution will cost them millions of dollars.


Magic of Disney… :joy::+1:t2:

Costing them
Millions and millions of dollars a day regardless Because it’s closed… also when they do decide to open back up, It won’t be no where near the revenue They produce Normally due to social distancing. Also, to be able to produce a high standard of health and safety in a park where there is thousands and thousands of people is near enough impossible… it’s a massive strain on supermarkets cleaning trolleys and baskets as it is. Imagine Disney wiping down every single seat on every single ride. Let alone the seating around the parks etc. It’s virtually impossible to keep everything sanitised. Same as keeping the 2M distance whilst food shopping etc.


I’m sure they’ll find a solution, it might even be drones flying round the park spraying disinfectant (I wonder if they will put Mickey Mouse ears on the drones :rofl:).
I read in the news that a bar in Japan has installed automated disinfectant sprays in the entrance hallway to spritz patrons popping in for a couple of jars :rofl: