Earn 10% of steps by registered people invited personally


Hi all I am Nicola Amaducci and I am an informatic in Italy .
At now people can earn 5 sweatcoins for each person invited …
I think that could be an interesting idea earn 10% of steps by registered people invited personally .
In this way people will be motivated for invite new people and explain better the value of Sweatcoin :slight_smile:
For example … I started in Sweatcoin the 16 march 2019 and I have invited 48 people …Many of them are motivated for walk or run and I can see this in my followers friends … But most of them are not motivated to invite people …
Sweatcoin app could add all this with an offer … for example :
Invite 10 people in one month for get 10% sweatcoins by steps of all your invited people in that month .
Thanks :slight_smile:
Nicola Amaducci


I think that would demote the whole purpose of sweat coin, that you have to be active to earn them. With your idea, referring enough people and you’ll gain more coins than an active walker.


Hi Nicola Amaducci, not sure that’s a great idea. By doing so people would just sit and watch their coins grow by doing nothing. That’s the exact opposite of Sweatcoins value prop.

Moreover, that sounds a lot like what your friend Charles Ponzi invented about 100 years ago.


Do not agree,

In order to sweatcoin grow, having a better referral system would help and the earnings from new users could have rules to prevent just recruiting.

Simple as just earn if you do X steps a month/week would solve it. In that way people who refer and empower the community with active users not just downloads as it is right now would get much benefit and so the Sweatcoin it self. :wink:


There should always be a balance between identifying the best referral system while still keeping the core value proposition.

For an app that rewards you to move, putting in place a system that would reward users to potentially sit and watch is quite contradictory, don’t you think?


I understand your concern that someone may become de-incentiveised by free income, however, such behaviour can be expected to some degree and there are several ways to curb such behavior. At the end of the day, providing (residudual) peer to peer incentives will positively impact general health and growth within our community.