Earned or Transferred Sweatcoins


Hello everyone. My daughter sent me 500 sweatcoins over the course of several months. She is now using tha app quite a bit and I want to send them back to her. She wanted them to be returned to her “earned” status because she did actually earn them rather than be considered “transferred”. Has anyone had any experience with this situation? I wish everyone only the best.


once you send your earned sweatcoins to someone, they lose all their value


Thank you. I’m wondering then, in general, what is the point of being able to transfer?


I do that to not pay for the subscriptions with earned sweatcoins


Hey - Could you send me your username? I could check this and see if I can do it for you :slight_smile:



Thank you Ashton. Whatever you can do is appreciated.



All of the coins have been returned and should be listed under “Earned Coins” :slight_smile:


You are amazing. Can’t thank you enough.


Hello - I’ve had a similar issue as well. Would you be able to help out with that?
Best, Blu


Hi! I’ve messaged you :slight_smile: