“Earned” VS “transferred” Sweatcoins


Hi @Emma or @Ashton or @khmelev or anyone who knows for sure.
I’m working as hard as I can to reach the 20000 SWCs of a marathon offer, and I read that those must be EARNED SWC. I am almost at 6000 (hoping the daily ads also count as “earned”).
Now there is a 1500 SWC offer I an interested in, that doesn’t need to be “earned”.
If a friend sends me 1500 of their SWC, and I buy the 1500 offer, will I still have 6000ish “EARNED” SWCs? Or will that somehow confuse the app?
Thank you!


@Francis to get the top prizes, all sweatcoins, via everyday activity, including bonuses earned etc by you, are the only coins they include when calculating what you’ve earned. If you buy or are given coins by somebody else, yes you personal total increases, but these clubs will not count towards getting you to your ultimate prize goal, as they haven’t been earned by you. So if you was to spend 1500,sweatcoin doesn’t differenciate between what’s been given or earned, it just takes off what your spending… CLEAR AS MUD??


Clear as mud indeed. Hence me asking if it does differentiate. In a “Real World” example: I give you £5. You use those £5 to buy a sandwich. It’s not the same money as you taking your wallet out and buying a sandwich with £5 from your wallet. But you are still left with the same amount of money.
I hope someone from Sweatcoin can give me a clear answer!


What’s earned by you (from walking, daily ads, invites and so on) is all yours and won’t change if someone transfers you sweatcoins, but please note that many of the offers are transfer locked, so you’ll not be able to redeem the marathon offers using the transferred coins :slight_smile:
Let us know if you had any additional questions!


Sooo i maybe sound stoped but…why cant i transfer swc?.. I have the smasher lvl of subscription and the transfer window doesnt show… Plz help me :grin:


Maybe some members here are on diff frequency …

You are basically asking if the 1500 transfer to you can be use DIRECTLY to purchase the 1500 items and not from the 6000 hard earned SWC as those are reserve/needed for the more important ‘‘EARNED’’ SWC only offer like the marathon reward of $1k

It is just like your friend using the 1500 to purchase the items directly himself but just through your account and your 6000 ‘‘EARNED’’ SWC will stay intact for the future Marathon offer