Engagement among members


Regarding this Forum i will say i like the goals of acquiring badges and statistics of engagement/what have you. I used to belong to two Forum Hubs - One was Skateboard Related and i spent a couple years active as well as a MMA forum for a year until ultimately they dissolved.
Social media killa everything right, ha. I was actually an administrator for one and a moderator on another.
Why not appoint trusted and active members to handle issues i have read in which a response is delayed. I get we all got things to do but a moderator could handle the forum and direct things that meet a criteria to you Admins.
Then it should give more time to make this App grow.
I see this taking off on awesome core ideals and user friendly options. But… It stops there.
Like this Forum, we take it for its ability to engage and familiarize with others or make a name for oneself.
Because the Badges, Account/Profile is set up for exactly that. A community.
Yet i have come on a handful of times and everytime alone the statistics of Topics, posts etc bore me being honest. Even ny email i had it set for weekly and what brought me to check out how the forum was contained a couple of new topics, so on. Which clearly is the lack of activity. I feel like i am in AOL chat and i see others but no one is willing to dance ha.
Seriously not trying to dissect this for all it is cause forums are a hard sell. Being and Administrator with capabilities of editing the site format or layout right or just a Moderator when i could monitor spam, repeated topics, guide new users. Moderating Isn’t about being a teachers pet per say. Members want to see a respected user posting or creating topics, replying to others and sharing what this app has to offer the consumers we are. Encourage more returning individuals who look forward to jumping in.

I mean cause i have to say with all due respect since May when i joined i have seen no difference for the forum. It is a tool for people to keep the app installed and Ads being watched and thats cool. The bonuses and purchase options are as well. But from my perspective this forum seems more like a place to complain or attempt contact with the app makers. Simply creating more sub sections off main categories is an idea.
Even the random chat is lifeless.
Black and white, everything looks the same. Dull to the eyes and mind.
And i hope you don’t find my wording as if i am scoffing at any developers. It is truly a big time responsibility and challenge kick starting a platform like this. But if there is no effort i have really one question.

Why have it at all? You could simply incorporate all one may need in FAQ off the app.