Entertainment Based Rewards


How about music and entertainment based rewards like vinyl albums,VR glasses, band apparel?


I can see them doing VR glasses as a marathon offer, because they’ve done a bunch of tech based products before, but I’d rather they focus more on sporting goods and athletic apparel instead of the tea and weight loss stuff.


I believe the US store had an offer for a Vizux monocular AR viewer at one point. Similar to the Recon… It just clips to the side of your glasses or sunglasses or whatever you choose and realise information from your mobile.

To be honest I was looking into AR/MR technology myself at one point. I spend a lot of time out on my toes and use Microsoft mobile apps to continue with my daily work. I wanted to figure out an inconspicuous way to view the mobile screen without having to look down an the phone. However, after so far I can just watch a mirrored version on netflix and to be honest, it really is not safe to be trying to concentrate on films whilst walking around the streets, it’s just screaming out to motorists to mow you down!!