Extra coins for elevation walking i.e. hill walking


I do alot of hill walking here in Northumberland and was wondering if it is possible to have a extention built into the app that rewards the user for walking over elevated terrain. Just a idea but would be a great addition to this application encouraging users to hit the high road ect.


Sounds a good idea to me!


Totally awesome suggestion… definitely one of my favourite suggestions :sunglasses::+1:t4:

There are additional health benefits for both mental and physical fitness that take a little more effort.

I couldn’t say for sure but i would imagine would be a number of measurable variables already available in the data to validate activity and issue reward accordingly.

I personally think it would be an ideal direction to explore.

I have taken the assumption that are thinking along the lines of the physical effort of the climb rather than the respiratory effects of exercise at higher altitude. If I’m wrong, I apologise.

Technically, the effort of the climb could be applied to general domestic or occupational activities like climbing the stairs at home or work or even the Stepmill at the gym.

Personally, I love the idea of rewarding the extra effort of “hit the high road” or “Run to Hills” (Iron Maiden reference for anyone old enough to remember).

Although, in some cases it could be seen as offering a potentially unfair advantage to those who have easy access to suitable terrains over those who live in vast flatter areas. I suppose you could say that considering both the outdoor and the indoor equivalent would “level playing field“. The promotion of “hitting the high road” would certainly be a great way to encourage more outdoor activity again.

I hope you don’t mind the additional suggestion, just an idea :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Thanks for giving your support on this subject. Don’t think it would be a major task to develop a function/procedure to incorporate into the app. Will look into this further having dabbled with software development as a hobby.


No problem I think it’s a great Idea.

A year or so back, I had a Sweatcoin user write me on Instagram telling me about a stair climbing reward scheme. Apparently a couple of universities had a simplified reward scheme rolled out where students scanned a QR code at each level of the stairwells to build points for reward. I would think that if it is still an applicable scheme that it would have shifted to bluetooth beacon tech or something that isn’t quite so easily abused as collecting QR scans daily. :rofl:


I go hill walking, to be fair the iPhone fitness app configures elevation, so shouldn’t be too difficult. Great idea.