Favorite place to walk/run?


I work from home, so I don’t get a lot of steps in there, but I do get some from walking around campus. Most of my steps come from trail running at Friedrich Wilderness in San Antonio. It’s 100+ acres of a wilderness reserve, and I was super happy to find it when I moved here. I also really like to go out to Mt. Pisgah in Oregon when I’m visiting my family. What are your favorite places to earn Sweatcoins? Feel free to share pictures :grin:


While not my favourite - the majority of my sweatcoins come from walking to college (High school for non-UK)
My favourite place to go is a place called “Pembrey Country Park” in South Wales. It’s got amazing landscape, a great history and awesome trails for biking. There’s a camping site there, so I occasionally go with family and chill out on the weekend.
A little history of the place:
It was used during WW2 for it’s good defence positions, plus the natural landscape made a good place for building underground bunkers, for storing Ammunition and Manufacturing. Some of these bunkers are still open to the public, and some you definitely can’t find another route in :stuck_out_tongue:
There’s a giant beach you can stroll onto, and I’ve actually wandered so far down the beach I found myself in an active bombing test-ground!!

I don’t have any photos on-hand but i’ll try to find some from the past :smiley:


Oh geez! You’d think there would be a fence around active bombing test-grounds :joy: I looked up some pictures, it’s looks really nice! Reminds me a lot of Oregon where I grew up, especially the coast.


I just that’s one way to put a spring in your step


“How’d you get 100,000 steps?”



I’ve decided I hate Siri LOL Ashton is probably more the familiar with deciphering my messages. However, for the benefit of others that was supposed to read …

That’s one way to put a spring in your step



It’s really quite simple… just walk… a lot… an awful lot… :rofl:

It truth, the first time I did it, I would be lying if I told you it was all me, it was a group effort. Not like a relay race passing a mobile phone instead of a baton… I mean, yes it was all me that physically went outside and just kept going but I had an awful lot of support from friends and family, some guys on the Discord server showed me support and pushed me on.
A few people knew already knew that for me it was my ultimate goal… something I just needed to do… to prove to myself I was physically capable of it.

One of my friends called me and just talked at me for the last 20k steps… anything to keep mind mind off the feeling of my calves burning, that they were to burst

Now I like to make a nice long day of it every few weeks, Just put on the Deezer and dissapear off to wherever I end up and back.

One of these days I will actually plan to do it before I go. Although for some reason if I tell myself that’s the plan. Someone will invariably call me wanting something or needing me somewhere…

At the moment, I’ve set myself the task of trying to maintain a 30-35k average per day and gradually increase my averages. With days like yesterday, where I only just put in 22k steps it means that in a short while I have to get out and go that little bit further today to make up for it. So I’m going to be aiming for around 50-60k steps today. I’m feelin good so some good music and a clear day should majke it a good day :smiley:


Uff… well that plan got shot down fast. Ended up helping friends out most of the day. Still finished up at 38k but not what I wanted at all. The bonus is that there are two days to the weekend. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Not a bad day still! I’m almost to 24k today, just finished running a little over a half-marathon in the woods! I’m going to be sore tomorrow :grimacing:


Excellent work matey :sunglasses::+1:t4:
BTW… in the woods … did you see a cabin?

:rofl: Sorry… Old (and not very good) ‘joke’.


No worries :joy: I haven’t seen either of those movies though :grimacing: Scary Movie 5 or Cabin in the Woods


To be fair I kept falling asleep while trying to watch a cabin in the woods. I didn’t think there was anybody that hadn’t seen the scary movie series of “movies”.


I think I saw the first two in theaters when they came out. It’s crazy to think the first one is almost 20 years old!