Fitbit and Sweatcoin


So I have a question about Fitbit and Sweatcoin. I’m fairly new to Sweatcoin and I see that I cannot sync my Fitbit with it. My question is can I sync my Fitbit data to the Apple Health app with something like Sync Solver and sync the data from the Apple Health app into Sweatcoin? Thanks in advance, -Noah


Hi @nsull304
Please see this article:

Fitbits wont work on Sweatcoin for now, but keep an eye on the article for updates :slight_smile:


Hi @Ashton
I have seen that article and I understand that Sweatcoin does not officially support Fitbit. My question was if Sweatcoin takes steps recorded by the Apple Health app into its step measurements, and if so I could connect my Fitbit to Apple Health and have Apple Health report to the Sweatcoin app.


No you can’t unfortunately


@Ashton any updates on the integration with Fitbit charge 4? Thanks!! :blush:


I’ve just been invited to the new version, sadly still no link to use fitbit. Disappointed tbh as it recognizes a lot more accurately imo.