FIX the app bugs


It doesn’t matter how many people report problems with the app, nothing is done.
Why? Because SC doesn’t care if users are CHEATED out of coins


Sorry to hear that you have such an experience with Sweatcoin.
I can assure you that the team s working extra hard to nail down the bugs reported here and via support, but with complexity of Android field it is often like “whack a mole” game - Samsung is fixed, but Huawei and Xiaomi fall over and vice versa. Since we introduced new algorithm that converts indoor steps generation of sweatcoins by Android users has nearly DOUBLED, but, of course, given how big the change is we are experiencing more bugs and issues that team works really hard to resolve. We do share your frustration that we can not deliver it faster, but it is not for the lack of hard work, but due to complexity of the task. Hope to be able to nail it for you very soon, Oleg


All I know is I haven’t had credit for a single step in a week, Now i hear that IPhone 6 won’t be supported, than why am I wasting my time?