Following people


Hi all!
I’m new to this!
Do you gain any coins from following people?
Thanks in advance! :+1::+1:


5 sweatcoins are given to you each person you invite using your own unique invitation code.


I have just received my first 5 coins.
So if you want coins then it’s better to copy n paste the link rather than posting your user name?
I’ve done both & followed several people but only received 1x bonus.
Sorry as this is all new to me! :joy::joy:


It looks like it yes and I clicked on your link and that’s why you received 5 SWC Check out this free app — It Pays to Walk :walking_man:


Yes use your invite link only.


Thank you everyone! :+1::+1:


millertime603 add me I’ll do the same


Hey Millertime603 I just followed you, you can follow me back at burg943854
Thanks :blush:


I Just started.
I hit the max on Trouble maker 3 Times out of 3 now.
It Will be hard on working days but i al motivaties.
Anybody want to follow me @ niels807836
And who can i follow ?
0 following and 0 followers so far :frowning: Lets make things more fun :slight_smile: