Forum changes from Friday, 19 March 2021


Hi fabulous forum members!

First of all, we’d like to thank all of you for your wonderful contributions over the past couple of years. It’s been a real pleasure (and help!) to hear your feedback and watch the community flourish.

We’ve heard from the community that you’ve been feeling a tad neglected, and that you’d like more presence from someone at Sweatcoin. At the same time, we’ve seen our userbase grow. Our newer users may not be aware of this forum, and so they reach us through other ways, like social media.

We’d like to connect our more experienced, highly engaged users with our newcomers. We also want to focus our community engagement on fewer channels, so we can maintain our active presence.

This said, we’ll be closing the forum to new posts and replies from Friday the 19th. But don’t fret! The forum and all relevant resources will remain accessible as and when you wish.

We also encourage our members to like and follow us on Facebook at

On Facebook, we plan to recreate the amazing content, interactions, and conversations we’ve had here. We’ll also have unique giveaways and prize draws, as well as sneak peaks of new features. Replicating the energy of this place will be challenging, but we hope you can help us with it.

Over time, we’ll find new homes for some of the invaluable content housed in this forum. This will help us organise all the useful information for people to find easily.

We truly appreciate everyone’s support and contributions. We’d love for you to stay with us as we continue our journey.

— Emma

Customer Success Lead

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Goodbye SweatCoin friends / Farewell
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