Fraud Sponsoring, ShawAcademy


As a to-be influencer, I find it quite demotivating when a fraudulent company like ShawAcademy is being sponsored on Sweatcoins.

I already gave them my PayPal (Which was a perfect choice for this, because I can cancel automated payments manually) and phone number when I found out that it’s a fraud and I did a mistake. (Trustpilot rating warning and many community-made alligations)

I blindly signed up and almost got started because it was sponsored by an application I trusted and actively used for a year, which is Sweatcoins.

As a user, I want to keep supporting this community and Sweatcoin in general, but after this experience I find it hard because it makes me feel like more unchecked apps and services will find their way into Sweatcoins.


@ISh98 That’s a worry. I’ve just looked up there reviews, and many say it’s a scam. Surely a Sweatcoin marketing bod, should have checked, and heads of departments before signing off. Cheers for the heads up



It’s a SCAM 100%. I was thinking once during the lockdown let’s learn something new be exciting and challenging. They never refund and it’s an awful organisation. Reviews are spot on! Surely someone from Sweatcoin should know this.

@Emma @Phatt.One @Ashton @Oleg

Protect the community.


Thank you so much for your post here and for sharing your story – could you please DM me with a few more details so I can pass this along to our partnerships team where they can take a closer look? If you could please provide more info which leads you to believe something fraudulent happened this would really help! So sorry again if you had an issue with this vendor and we’ll do all we can to help out!