Fraud Sponsoring, ShawAcademy


@ISh98 That’s a worry. I’ve just looked up there reviews, and many say it’s a scam. Surely a Sweatcoin marketing bod, should have checked, and heads of departments before signing off. Cheers for the heads up



It’s a SCAM 100%. I was thinking once during the lockdown let’s learn something new be exciting and challenging. They never refund and it’s an awful organisation. Reviews are spot on! Surely someone from Sweatcoin should know this.

@Emma @Phatt.One @Ashton @Oleg

Protect the community.


Thank you so much for your post here and for sharing your story – could you please DM me with a few more details so I can pass this along to our partnerships team where they can take a closer look? If you could please provide more info which leads you to believe something fraudulent happened this would really help! So sorry again if you had an issue with this vendor and we’ll do all we can to help out!


Interesting to see Shaw Academy Is back as a new offer. Given the feedback on here and Trustpilot etc I’m really surprised. More lip service being paid to concerns raised!

Great example of admin bluffing their answers hoping we will just forget.


It’s a scam! 100%. Never using that company again!


I know first hand of what a rip off company they are, I put it into a post earlier. Will wait for this auction thing to arrive, use my hard earned coins to by something, then I’m gone, leaving a disparaging review!


Haven’t forgotten either, especially as an author of this post.

Will depart the same. I can’t support a company that is being funded by fraudulent sponsors and covers for them.


@Ashton @Emma @Oleg They stole money from someone very close to me, and it took the theat of calling the police and reporting to trading standards, and several reminding emails amd phone calls, to get the money back
If this company remains on here for another week, I will update my review of Sweatcoin, and will continue to hold you as responsible allowing this company to steal and lie to innocent victims


I agree. I’m spending my coin on something decent and something valuable then I will
Be deleting the app.


Hey! I just referred to this on another post!
Sorry for any issues you’ve experienced with this vendor, i’ll ensure to bring it up with the team asap and see what can be done!


Again, completely ignoring the problem.

I can bet they will stay as a vendor in Sweatcoins

EDIT 10/21: I hope to be proved wrong when it will come to similar vendors.


That ain’t a good enough reply ashton. Simply remove offer otherwise your supporting fraudulent company’s.


Ashton - as mentioned you should be removing these today! You were quick enough to remove the iPhone and PayPal offers yet all of a sudden it takes a lot more work to remove a fraudulent company! The longer they stay on the longer you are discredited as a company I’m afraid.

Yet again showing Sweatcoin are very responsive to things favouring you and things that don’t are either ignored or you simply drag your heels and hope we will forget.

I bet you wish this community forum didn’t exist now :smile::smile:


This is from today. It’s even free. The only reason it would be there would be to produce income for Sweatcoin. No wonder they don’t remove it. They are all in it together I suspect! The coins in any of the marketplace offers are a red herring.


It was always free, they never changed it


Hey everyone!
Just spoke with the team - ShawAcademy has been removed from our offers list and won’t be back again!


Well done :+1:

Many thanks for this quick and right decision.


Fingers crossed, nice to hear you’ve finally listened


Thank you Ashton. The right decision.


Thank you for that decision! I am glad that our voice was heard on this