FREE TRIAL double your steps!


Hi all,
Have you noticed that there is a months free trial of trouble maker level?
I noticed yesterday that it’s free for a month then £1.19/month thereafter!
So if your planning a busy month of exercise then you can earn up to 50swc each day for a month, earning double the coins per step for FREE!
For me it’s a no brainer to trial it for a month at least!
I don’t know why I’m so slow at spotting these things on the app such as the link to here but I thought I’d point this out to anyone like me who’s just as hopeless at spotting these things! :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Stay safe and happy stepping! :running_man:‍♂:running_woman::running_man:‍♂:running_woman:


Yep! Awesome right? :smiley:
I’m not on it myself - I need to work my way up towards it and increase my steps!


Why is it gone from 0.99 to 1.19 with no warning… that’s not good customer service.