Fully Wireless Earphones from Tranya - Code is not working


Hi All,

This is first time i bought something from sweatcoin , i got code but i am trying to apply during check out , it is not let me to apply.

The coupon code XXXXXXX is invalid. It either does not exist, has not been activated yet, or has expired.

Do i need to do anything else ? I have less than 48 hs to claim this.


Yeah! I have the same problem!


Not working for me, either. Annoyed.


What we should do ? wait ? or is there anyway to cancel this ?


I requested refund this morning and I still haven’t heard anything back yet!


i just checked , i still have same issue , not able to order. I can see now it is sold out , is anyone able to buy ?

What is process for refund ?


Now it says it’s sold out and I don’t have the code anymore and I’m out 1000 sweatcoins. What a ripoff :rage:


Yeah, I agreed! It’s a ripoff!


I don’t believe they do this on purpose people.
I’m pretty sure there will be a substitution or a refund for all of you. @Ashton


Yes , actually i was able to order yesterday , sorry for late update.


I got my Sweatcoins refunded as my code didn’t work!


Same! I bought the code and never got the code and it wouldnt transfer it to the checkout either. I have less than 48 hours to claim also.


Hi! So sorry for the inconvenience. Could you email [email protected] where we can check this out for you please :slight_smile: