Future updates regarding app and forums and outlets


good evening sweatcoiners

Im back and with a big post :wink:

in this post i would like to discuss my personal opinions on what the app is doing via in app, on forums and social media/promotion wise.

lets start with the sweatcoin app.


So the last big update arrived a couple months ago and overall it was a high quality good update. It bought in indoor sweatcoin conversion which was the most popular part of the update although it did also bring in many more things.

Despite the update being overall great I was slightly disappointed that some things myself and the community have been asking for didn’t arrive mainly a leader board feature and a better step statistic layout.

what would i like to see in the next “big” update?

Personally I would like to see a leader board or the return of the old updates tab just so users have that little motivation to compete etc. Another feature i would like to see is rank/progression system which can be many things but the one idea i have had is a little rank next to your profile that expresses your total steps on sweatcoin for instance bronze for 2 million steps, silver for 10 million and gold for 50 million but hey that’s just some numbers a progression system can be anything.

Questions i have about the app for the staff

Question 1. What happened to the cash out feature why was it removed ?

Question 2. Would you consider releasing a “road map” that contains upcoming features/update and a somewhat accurate time frame we could see these updates.

Question 3. Do you have any plans to engage with the community more ?

Moving onto the forums now…


The sweatcoin forums is forever growing and when i last checked had way over 1000 members. Despite the constant growth its been a while since the forums itself had some sort of update whether that being new badges, new chat features, new designs or anything that can be updated.

One of my favourite things about the forums not including the discussions is the badge system, why i like the badge system is well because i like to collect hehe.

I also like that there are 3 badges that are only obtainable by doing tasks in the sweatcoin app.


Number 1. More badges with some that are rewarded via in app activity,

Number 2. A link or page in the app letting users know about the forums.

Number 3. Easier ways to interact directly to the staff but only for “regular members” to prevent spam and encourage discussion via staff and loyal users.

Now lets discuss lastly the overall promotion of the app…


I follow sweatcoin on Instagram, Twitter and others but can’t help but see that there is no activity on those social medias especially Instagram. I understand the staff can be extremely busy but i can’t help but feel its quiet.

Things i’d like to see changed

Number 1. More social media activity.
Anyone remember on sweatcoins instagram page when Wimbledon was on ? well for some stars they somewhat recorded their steps and posted cool pictures now how about if they did that with football or basketball or general running.

just overall social media activity would be good unless of course they are focusing on the forums.

Number 2. more rewards and easier communication via users and devs for influences and heavy promoters of the app.

Thanks for reading this post sweatcoiners.

Do you have any thoughts feel free to share also let me know your thought on my thoughts :slight_smile: :blush::smiley:


Well done! My exact thoughts. I would like to also be able to see my followers progress and some leaderboard system. It would also be nice to receive swear coins on our yearly anniversary.


Nicely put. Leaderboard would be awesome because I would love to know if there’s anyone in my area that walks more than I do. A filter for worldwide or in my town would be awesome. I never thought to follow SC on other platforms but I’ll start. I find the forums a little hard to follow so I don’t get on much.
Nice layout and I think you really brought forth what many of us are thinking so thank you for that. Look forward to seeing the next updates


@ChrisUK Thanks for posting this!
I especially agree with the leaderboards and the badge/level system. I’ve read a lot of posts from people who think the same. So it’s safe to say that this is wat people want from the app in the future. But who knows, maybe they’re working on it. Let’s just give it some time.


There used to be two leaderboards in the app… One displaying the daily progress of users you follow. The Second showed a leaderboard of Nearby users based on your location. Although these were removed from the iOS version, I believe the Android version of the Sweatcoin app still retains the Friends Leaderboard


I definitely agree that I would love to have some idea of how many other Canadians are using this app ! And where all the top steppers are from !