Gift cards on the market place


I think that it would be a good idea to add gift cards as a product that you can buy on the market place for example, MasterCard ,PayPal , eBay and Amazon. I think that if you did this the prices for the gift cards would have to be quite high ,e.g. $100 for a £5 gift card, so that you can actually earn from it but I think that allot of people would buy the gift cards.


I think gift cards are a great idea. I have an app that earns gift cards and I use it all the time. Should draw more people to the app


Maybe some lower amount of gift card for an alternative 2nd line of auction might be possible.

Eg. Ten $50 gift card for blind bidding for much longer period of say 4 weeks period
Top 10 winners will be reveal together with their bid price at the end of the period.
Transferred SWC also can be use as this might actively create a secondary market for use of transferred SWC (might be a great avenue to claw back lots of SWC other than through donation to charity which in theory also cost money to the app)


Yes great idea :+1:! This could motivate people to workout harder especially to get gift cards for loved ones. People who find it hard to provide for the holidays will have the opportunity to give more.