Go on... show off your favourite purchases for some extra sweatcoins! 🎁


Hey Sweatcoiners!

It’s been a little while – I hope you’re all getting your steps in while keeping nice & safe!

I was just out bopping along to some tunes on my new RHA TrueConnect earphones :headphones: (purchased with my steps!) and it got me thinking – I’d love to see what you guys have bought with your steps so far!

We’ll be giving away some sweatcoins to everyone who can show us what you’ve been doing with your steps, to celebrate our amazing marketplace and the incredible team who work so hard to bring us the best brands and keep 'em coming!

To enter, just send us a pic of your fave Sweatcoin purchase, alongside your username, and we’ll send you over some shiny sweatcoins to thank you for being a valuable member of the forum and of the SweatNation! We’d love to feature some of these on our Social Media too, if you’d like of course!

Happy Sweatcoining!

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I have a regular of these, originally for myself, now my wife and two daughters have there own on order too. Sorry for the copied image, I couldn’t upload my own image. I’m @martin875154


Thanks for your entry, Martin! Would you be able to upload your own picture of the products? We’d love to see it in real life!


@Emma I did try, but it says I’ve got to upload a pic to a cloud service, then put up on here… Which is beyond my Technological capabilities!!!
But I did subscribe to Gruum through you guys


Thanks Sweatcoin! user - Cookie66


I haven’t got a picture of my item but mine was the Beryl Bike Light. I bought it for £5 P&P and sold for £90 on eBay :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


Bought this necklace for my mom, she loves it.
Thanks again sweatcoin for making this big and awesome family, you’re putting so much effort and energy to making this community of sweatcoiners. Thank you❤️ Also thanks to boundstudio for this necklace.


I bought the one month tidal thinga but turns out it’s a subscription. Not bad app though
If you send me sweatcoin, please send to phucyou69 thanks a lot


Wow! Hope you’re enjoying it – thanks so much for sharing!


Wow! I love seeing what our Sweatcoiners have been purchasing from the marketplace!! So happy it finally came and that your mum loves it! Could you share your username so we can pass along some sweatcoins for sharing the pic? :heart_eyes:



50% Discount OFF
Mous Protective Mobile Phone Case/Accessories.
Available for iPhone and Samsung mobile phones.

Original Images from my Instagram Post >>


This was a really cool offer – remember this one!


I hope it comes round again at some point. These cases are awesome. Particularly if you’re as clumsy as I am. :man_facepalming:


Sure my sweatcoin username is: EMANUELMIRT


Just in today!

Cookie66. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can you speak many other languages to test it out :rofl:. Sorry, it was too easy :man_facepalming:


Love my reusable beeswax food wraps, they keep food fresh and clean :slight_smile:

My username in the app is the same as here : rorod


I wanted to get one of these!


I wonder if me free course at Shaw Academy still counts :thinking: