Go on... show off your favourite purchases for some extra sweatcoins! 🎁


Thanks for sharing all your amazing purchases! They just keep coming! :smiley:


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Thanks for sharing all your amazing purchases! They just keep coming!


Yes i did the free shae academy too! Does that count?


Hey Emma & Sweatcoiners! image
This was my first purchase & I’m looking forward to many more.I really like the app, keeps me motivated:)
My username is ana_jadech


Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoy these items! You’ll see in your wallet some sweatcoins for sharing with us :smiley:


That’s nice.Thank you!

[IMPORTANT] Sweatcoin Company's transparency

My cocoa tree in Treedom some months ago!

You can look at my little forest, including the little forest here: https://www.treedom.net/en/user/igal-s/trees#user-trees-wrapper

I’ve also just bought beeswax wraps from The Green Company and I should be getting them in about a week.

I will keep you guys and gals updated :slight_smile:


Hi there ! My most recent purchase is from Tinggly and i am so very happy with it ! image


Hello All,

It is an absolute pleasure to be part of the Sweatcoin community. I am a casual walker/runner and I have to share that I am very grateful as last year, the app was my dear companion after a short period spent in the hospital. Realizing how important movement is, I set myself the target to reach 10 sweatcoins per day.

I’ve always opted for the Cacao Trees :), but today I also received my Tranya M10 earbuds (woohoo).

No matter the posts on the forum, the app has grown so much in the span of 1.5 years, evolved and matured. A sincere thank you to the whole Team, Sweatcoing has become my daily app (reaching the ranks of Spotify and Netflix).

Here is the proof :wink: :sunny:




Happy New Year to everyone!:+1:


Happy new Year :tada::champagne::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball:



How about worst purchase? I’ve got an auction prize I just don’t want and can’t get any response from support about cancelling my accidental bid!


I’m sorry this happened. Your loss but the policy says that the price of the product you accidentally bought cannot be refunded.


Received Cash in Place of Gift Card


I understand and you’re right I’d be angry too!


How did you like the EYWA?


Hi Angela!
Made of high quality, natural materials. watery texture is not cream after it dries rubs off the skin! The original price is a bit expensive, but for many occasions it is enough. overall I liked it​:+1::slightly_smiling_face: