Go on... show off your favourite purchases for some extra sweatcoins! 🎁


Yes! Here they are from the most recent haul!image

I love SweatCoin! Constantly trying to get people to join!


Im not to sure how to send a sweatcoin?:frowning:


Thanks for sharing!!! Please check your wallet for your extra sweatcoins and keep up the hard work! :slight_smile:


What is this? I’m not sure I’ve seen this one yet! :raised_hands:


@schwenk i know it’s a hyperspeed clip but had to be a small file to upload. Hopefully it should help answer after a few watches :sunglasses::+1:t4:image


@Phatt.One to the rescue yet again :sweat_smile:


I just hope it was the right user that I sent a Sweatcoin to… otherwise there’s gona be one user slightly more confused than most :rofl:

Plus was a good excuse to try the Adobe Rush media editor app…



Today arrived this box from Swisse me … thanks again sweatcoin :heart:



Wow!!! So cute!
Could you send along your username please so I can send you some sweatcoins for sharing with the community? :smiley:


Thanks so much for sharing!
What’s your Sweatcoin username please? Would love to send you some sweatcoins for sharing! :slight_smile:


This is really cool!
Can you send along your Sweatcoin username so I can reward you with some extra sweatcoins? :slight_smile:


@emanuelmirt23 I saw these. I thought I’d leave buying these until I heard from a SW member, as to how they tasted, and were they any good… So what are your thoughts on these?




Once I tried I will let you know :blush:



Thank you Emma! Tom041


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