Go on... show off your favourite purchases for some extra sweatcoins! 🎁


Hi guys did you have to go direct to the brand to get these offers or did you purchased with Sweatcoin ie they sent you the item didn’t need to do leg work by asking the brand



With Sweatcoin you get the coupon code that you can use on the brand website.


the products are shipped directly from the brand or from the company that sells it


Did you get sorted mate.


Thanks for sharing – these look delicious!
Could you pass along your Sweatcoin username so we can send you along some sweatcoins? :slight_smile:


What offer were you redeeming here please?
Happy to check up on this for you!


Thank you Emma! Tom041


Sure! Could you please send me the details of the offer you were trying to redeem, your Sweatcoin email address and username in a DM? It’ll be much easier to speak privately if that’s okay! :slight_smile:



Thank you!!


So I take it back my reward showed up today thanks for helping guys and can now say this is a good app worth using hope the way to contact get a little better thoe




@Tom041 are they tasty?


I haven’t tasted it yet,arrived today.
then tomorrow morning, before running. I will write it.


its texture is like a brownie but not too sweet and have a lot nuts,and cocoa.I like!



Looking Good!
Hope you like it all :yum:


very delicious and healthy,i like!:+1: