Go on... show off your favourite purchases for some extra sweatcoins! 🎁


Awesome! Glad you enjoy the app so much :smiley:


Yes, i use a few apps for the move but sweatcoin is one of my favorites!:+1:




Tom you buy everything I swear lol.


No, just what i need:)
exp.: environmentally friendly products ,vitamin,energybar,healty stuffs,…



I never see these offers


Thanks for sharing all your amazing purchases! They just keep coming! :smiley:


image [quote=β€œEmma, post:72, topic:8783, full:true”]
Thanks for sharing all your amazing purchases! They just keep coming!


Yes i did the free shae academy too! Does that count?


Hey Emma & Sweatcoiners! image
This was my first purchase & I’m looking forward to many more.I really like the app, keeps me motivated:)
My username is ana_jadech


Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoy these items! You’ll see in your wallet some sweatcoins for sharing with us :smiley:


That’s nice.Thank you!


My cocoa tree in Treedom some months ago!

You can look at my little forest, including the little forest here: https://www.treedom.net/en/user/igal-s/trees#user-trees-wrapper

I’ve also just bought beeswax wraps from The Green Company and I should be getting them in about a week.

I will keep you guys and gals updated :slight_smile:


Hi there ! My most recent purchase is from Tinggly and i am so very happy with it ! image


Hello All,

It is an absolute pleasure to be part of the Sweatcoin community. I am a casual walker/runner and I have to share that I am very grateful as last year, the app was my dear companion after a short period spent in the hospital. Realizing how important movement is, I set myself the target to reach 10 sweatcoins per day.

I’ve always opted for the Cacao Trees :), but today I also received my Tranya M10 earbuds (woohoo).

No matter the posts on the forum, the app has grown so much in the span of 1.5 years, evolved and matured. A sincere thank you to the whole Team, Sweatcoing has become my daily app (reaching the ranks of Spotify and Netflix).

Here is the proof :wink: :sunny:




Happy New Year to everyone!:+1: