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How about worst purchase? Iโ€™ve got an auction prize I just donโ€™t want and canโ€™t get any response from support about cancelling my accidental bid!


Iโ€™m sorry this happened. Your loss but the policy says that the price of the product you accidentally bought cannot be refunded.


Received Cash in Place of Gift Card


I understand and youโ€™re right Iโ€™d be angry too!


How did you like the EYWA?


Hi Angela!
Made of high quality, natural materials. watery texture is not cream after it dries rubs off the skin! The original price is a bit expensive, but for many occasions it is enough. overall I liked itโ€‹:+1::slightly_smiling_face:


I definitely need to โ€œworkโ€ to get that!! Thanks



Just got my Neuro mints, and they are just as awesome as promised.


I signed up for Dollar Shave Club, but I wish Iโ€™d kept the box and stuff so the picture would be better.Iโ€™ve seen a million ads for this company, and never actually signed up, even though it seemed like a great deal.I didnโ€™t expect much quality from a company thatโ€™s all about the dollar. But I was pleasantly surprised by how good it works. Iโ€™d definitely recommend it. Iโ€™m glad Sweatcoin sold me on the deal!


Thanks for sharing your awesome items with us!! Could you please share your username for Sweatcoin so we can send along some sweatcoins to thank you for sharing? :slight_smile:


Yes no probs. My username is WallStreetSun


Just to confirm - you were sent the Cash Equivalent of the auction you won :slight_smile:


Wicked. Well done mate!!


@verstreuteseele | Castor Zuse

tastes good btw ^^ have soom beewax clingfilm and other small stuff as well. hoping to see some big offers soon maybe


Sometimes need beacuse Hangover๐Ÿ˜‚


damnโ€ฆ I wanted these but didnt have enough coins bc only one or two days prior I gifted my coins to an organisationโ€ฆ does that stuff actually work?


Just made my first purchase from Canada! Coffee from Rosso Coffee Roasters. My username is @geor2ge5643260 I will post a pic when I receive the coffee!

My coffee arrived today!! Thank you Sweatcoins and Rosso Coffee!


Thanks for sharing! Looks delish! Iโ€™ve send you over some sweatcoins for sharing with us :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing with us! We hope youโ€™ll love it!! Will send through some sweatcoins now to thank you again for sharing! Happy Sweatcoining! :slight_smile: