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Thank you. SC received


Got the beeswax wraps a few weeks back from The Green Company.

So far I am really satisfied :smiley:

Edit: the shipping was fast, but the fact that it was on its way for a month and some days was mostly because of our post office


Another good bought on the sweatcoin market and another has to come.


Thank you,SweatcoinπŸ‘


K not gonna lie I thought that was blotter paper for a second :joy:


A bit of a throwback, I think this Bluetooth Smart Wrist Blood Pressure monitor was a reward claimed back in 2018. It was one of the regular higher end rewards at the time.


Although this was claimed in 2018, I still use this unit today. This photograph was actually taken only a few moments ago.

Just in case anybody seeing this this understands blood pressure, you will probably understand when I say that unfortunately it is remarkably accurate.

Given the amount of daily exercise I actually get, it will probably come as a bit of a surprise to find that I have had a few issues with high blood pressure over the past couple of years following a minor stroke. It certainly shocked the living daylights out of my GP after letting her take a quick look through my health kit records when her first suggestion was to try and take a little more regular exercise and my response was to ask β€œHow?” :rofl:


Saddening to hear that, but I am glad you are alright now despite the pressure.

Aside from age and exercise, I recommend looking into your diet and sleep quality as it’s directly related to pressure too.

Despite being on a plant-based diet, being young and having a lot of exercise, my problem with pressure came from my lack of and disrupted sleep pattern.

Stay safe!

P.S. And I am not a medical expert (which should be obvious by my time being here), simple personal knowledge :joy:


@ISh98 Thanks,

The thought is appreciated, there are probably many things about my lifestyle that don’t exactly have the best of effects on my blood pressure. Definitely a lot I need to look at changing. As you can probably guess or already know, I very rarely actually sleep. Usually once every few days I may just sleep for a few hours but thats about it :man_facepalming:

To be fair, in myself I feel an awful lot younger than I should and even with the BP issues, I am physically in a better shape than I have ever been or ever thought possible. Never imagined that I would ever be doing half the things I do now… most I never thought it possible for a person to do without years of training. So the last thing I can really do is grumble.


Won this hair straightener. This is pretty cool. I was afraid it wasn’t real so I just jumped on this lol. Too bad I don’t have any hair.


@Mrspiderman Congratulations on winning. Did you get the actual prize or cash value?


Actual prize. I wish I got cash value lol


So excited to share pic of my influencer reward when it arrives. How long for US influencer payouts?


Congratulations. Which country did you win the award from?


Purchased from the app in the US


Well you can still try reselling it on the web, it should still get you a decent amount of cash.

At least the Troublemaker will pay off


Dammit… I was think of replying to say i was glad I didn’t win it for the same reason… until I finished reading…




:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: cue balls
It took a while for me figure out


Yuppp wish I could get In touch wit sweatcoin. Dyson will take the return but idk what sweatcoin would then do with the 500




Compression socks - first time for a while the sweatcoin offers act appealed to me!! Username @anilvarsani