Goodbye SweatCoin friends / Farewell


I think if I don’t get it wrong, SC Forum closes, and it moves to facebook, unfortunately I’m boycotting facebook and not using it. Farewell to everyone I met here with whom I made short-term friendships.





I’m the same. I’ve never really liked the way Facebook works. Although I still use Instagram for some reason (Even though it is owned by Facebook)

Feel free to check out my insta profile “

Hopefully another incarnation of the forum will emerge soon as I know s number of users have enjoyed visiting snd chatting on the forum. I suspect there will likely be a number of others that also avoid Facebook and other social media platforms.

All the best to all Sweatcoiners, may the walking paths pass at another juncture :sunglasses::+1:t3:


That sounds good


Take care @GoGoBaBa was nice speaking to you.


Mee too :rofl: :upside_down_face::wink::grin::hugs::rofl::sweat_smile::joy::nerd_face:🥸:partying_face:


Am gone as well.

Was a pleasure to meet you all!


Take care everyone. Feel free to follow me on sweatcoin. Kyleom93.


Good luck to everyone. See you on another forum. :slight_smile:


Which would be? I don’t know any others.


I do not use social media either. This was a nice and formal environment for communication. However, the voicing of some justified demands and the fact that they were often unanswered are among the main reasons for its closure.


I oppose or even boycott social media programs. I have frozen some of my accounts, deleted some, Facebook represents what I am totally against, I have not used Facebook for maybe 6-7 years. Turkey was trying to dictate the terms of WhatsUp WhatsUp he was forced to bring some big downs, millions of people were now alternatives. There is Instagram and there are only very limited people and places like SweatCoin that I follow. It is also not in a public account. I don’t like being too familiar with being in the spotlight. I do not like institutions, organizations and companies that have millions of pages of information about us. Actually, this forum was an ideal place, maybe it was the only place I was addicted to and followed, but now that this decision was made for various reasons, I am out of it, unfortunately.



Wouldn’t go as far as blaming the forum members for demands. To see the fore closure of the forum. I personally think they don’t have enough time to dedicate to this forum. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Etc etc. However… there Twitter ain’t exactly alive as such nor from what I see on Instagram a few things here and there. However… it’s a shame. Because a lot of people including myself enjoyed this forum… maybe we can get some answers before it closes.


Also technically the forum is now shut as of yesterday.


I liked it here as well but wont move to fb



New place

We also encourage our members to like and follow us on

Facebook at


Mee too


I’m logging off and ain’t coming back myself too. Take care everyone

To those everyone I had offended. Sorry that I did and those that I have had a great bit of banter with. Ciao for now.




Hasta la Vista





So nobody from Swc is bothering to come on the forum now?
Does that mean we can really tear Into them now!