Got new Device...Can’t transfer Sweatcoin Acct to new device!


I got a new phone and downloaded the Sweatcoin app on it. I followed Sweatcoin instructions to put in original email and it said it was already taken. I tried to edit my profile as Sweatcoin generated a new user name and number to my original name & number and it won’t update. Can anyone help? I didn’t delete the app off of my old device, I simply uninstalled it. Thanks in advance!


I believe your Sweatcoin wallet is connected to your mobile phone number… if you install your account to another device you must use the phone number you originally used when you first installed to your old device.

If you no longer have access to your old mobile number, you may have to contact customer support in order to transfer your details to the new phone number.

@Ashton could you offer any assistance or further advice here?


You could try signing up on the new device making sure to use the old phone number. The system should recognize you and login to your account.