Gravity blanket offer link?


Purchased the gravity blanket offer. No link is provided with code. Code not accepted for gravity cooling blanket as described in offer on company website.


All set. I was trying the wrong product. Great support from gravity blanket!


The same thing is happening with me, how did you get the code to start working.


It works for the 1st generation blanket:


Thank you very much!


I was having the same problem. The code is only good for the cooling blanket in the clearance section of the shopping menu. The offer is very misleading and does not apply to the advertised item. This is very disappointing.


getting the $200 original gravity blanket for walking steps i normally walk… sounds like a pretty good deal to me. No complaints here.


Happy you got everything sorted, Howard! Enjoy your gravity blanket!!! :smiley:


What’s the code so I can use.


Users who purchased the offer will be given an individual code each. :slight_smile:


Didn’t even see it. On the app everyday few hours a day I’m UK


This offer was in the US…


Gathered… that