Growing the Sweatcoin online community


I noticed the online community is under 1000 people, but I imagine significantly more people use the app. Does anyone have suggestions for increasing the online participation of the community?

Maybe including a forum section or link within the app? Sort of a Facebook Messenger but for Sweatcoin members? A small Sweatcoin bonus in the app after creating your online profile or a certain amount of participation within the online community?


I think most people don’t know this exists. The reason I found it 2 days ago was because the new iPhone came out and I was thinking of getting it. So that lead me to google if I would be able to transfer my account to a new iPhone because I noticed there is no log out button after searching throughout the app. That is what lead me to a link about the trouble maker subscription.


Same here, I can’t even recall how I found the online community. I think I was probably just searching something else about Sweatcoin, and that’s how I found the forums.


There are links on Twitter and Instagram but no regular campaign specifically to spread word of the forum. Things like the posts about AMA’s and some of the blogging articles have links to the community forum. I could be wrong, but I haven’t personally noticed anything. I know a couple of users on the forum do post links and try to spread the word.

As for Facebook, Snapchat or any of the other social networks, I don’t really know as I don’t have an active account and Snapchat just seems to have a mind of it’s own.

I know that many of the guys and gals really enjoy the discussions and sharing ideas and experiences with the wide variety of Sweatcoiners in the community and value the banter, input and assistance with each other and the Sweatcoin Staff. It would be great to see both the app and the community grow.

My job might be sat/stood/walking at a desk, eyes glued to a computer screen but I’m not exactly well versed in the whole social media thing…

One of the Sweatcoin team actually had to explain to me what a hastag was :rofl:
The first time someone on Discord asked if the ‘follow’ me, I thought they were trying to start some kind of Sweatcoin Conga Line tumblr_mrw9fqhdeT1sc7m2yo1_500


I don’t have any social media either, so it’s kind of nice having a smaller online community. I don’t need to be connected to everything happening all over the world 24/7, it makes my head spin. I don’t know what Discord is even :grimacing: